" the commission officials said干手机.

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" the commission officials said干手机.


A private clinic in the Pudong New Area has left its patients at a loss, especially those having already receiving one or two shots of HPV vaccinations, when it suspended operations in late August due to financial difficulties.


Luckily, the clinic has arranged customers to receive follow-up injections in other facilities or provide refunds, officials from the Pudong New Area Health Commission said on Monday.

Meanwhile, officials suggested customers be more careful in choosing a facility for HPV vaccination.

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The Yiyong Clinic in Pudong sent short messages to customers on August 24,企业-源美月咖啡有限公司干手机 saying that it has suspended operations. It raised concerns, 大同区当月棉类有限公司 as many women have bought the HPV vaccine through various online platforms for infection services in the clinic.

Yiyong has vaccination qualifications. It attracts customers by claiming a shorter wait period than public hospitals.


Health commission officials said the issue has been successfully resolved, as the clinic has organized customers to undergo injections by batches in other facilities, or provide refunds.


"The clinic is currently halting operation. Since it didn't violate the law or industry regulations, the government didn't impose punishment. The issue of HPV vaccination is a civil dispute, and is being solved at present干手机," the commission officials said.